Vinnie Jones is convinced he's never been popular with the ladies - the Hollywood hardman boasts a "big gay following" instead.
The Brit failed to attract female fans at the start of his career playing professional soccer in England, insisting he was "too big and too ugly".
But he was stunned upon realising he'd amassed an army of gay fans after portraying muscly mutant Juggernaut in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand.
He explains, "I've got a big gay following. I was very popular in West Hollywood when I was shooting X-Men with all those leather straps. We had a producer who used to call me The Brute and I'd play up to it by grabbing him. I get gay fan mail too.
"It makes a change to the years when I was a midfielder for Wimbledon (soccer team). Our groupies had builders' bums."