Screen hardman Vinnie Jones has slammed British actress Kelly Brook for leaving her then lover Jason Statham for Billy Zane in 2004.

The former soccer star was outraged by the way his LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS co-star was treated when Brook filmed THREE with Zane - and he refuses to speak to her ever again.

He says, "The break-up was really sad. Kelly was doing a movie and Billy Zane fell in love with her and would not let it rest.

"In the end she buckled. It hammered J. I have not spoken to her since... she knows.

"I can't deal with that. I think when it was going on she should have come to J and said things were getting iffy or pulled out of filming to save it.

"She was with J for seven years. It is down to her. I had my arms around J. I don't have time for her."