Soccer star-turned-movie tough guy Vinnie Jones fears the killer TV show featured in his new film The Condemned could soon become a reality. The actor star joins wrestling hero Steve Austin in the new film - about a reality show set on a desolate island, where condemned killers from all over the world fight to the death, for the entertainment of viewers. And Jones worries that TV bosses are so desperate for a hit, such an extreme show isn't far away. He says, "If you show people being beheaded on the Internet, for some reason people want to see this stuff, and this is one of those movies that is very futuristic. "This can happen in 10 or 20 years time. In Las Vegas they do the unlimited fighting - no rules fighting, so this is not far off. "Take the cage away and put these ultimate fighting champions on an island, and that's this film." But Jones insists he's no fan of reality TV in real life: "I do not let my kids watch it in the house. I'm really against it,all this Big Brother stuff. "I've always been a big flying the flag against this rubbish... I've been offered most of the big reality shows and I would rather go begging in Downtown L.A. than go on those shows."