The bar brawl which recently landed Hollywood tough guy Vinnie Jones in trouble with the law was reportedly sparked after a fellow patron recognised him as "that guy from X-Men".
The soccer star-turned-actor was arrested and booked for misdemeanour simple assault last week (ends07Dec08) after finding himself at the centre of a fight in Wiley's Tavern in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
The star was so badly hurt in the showdown he had to be rushed to hospital, where he had stitches in his nose and face.
And now one of the men who was on the receiving end of Jones' fists has revealed the cause of the fracas, alleging it began when his pal Jesse Bickett, 24, asked Jones: "Are you that guy from X-Men?"
Juan Barrera tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "He got offended by that, and he started pushing my other friends around. He said he's been in so many other movies."
The actor, 43, reportedly flew into a rage, launching himself at Bickett and moments later at Barrera after the 24-year-old emerged from the restroom, where he claims he had been when the argument began.
Barrera explains: "I just walked out the restroom, didn't say a word to him... and he struck me in the mouth."
In CCTV footage obtained by The Sun, a bloodied Jones can be seen heading to the restroom when he meets Barrera in a corridor and begins punching him. Barrera then attempts to pick up and throw Jones.
Policeman Brian Warwick says, "Mr Jones was arrested on a charge of simple assault and Mr Bickett for aggravated assault."