Ving Rhames and Elisabeth Shue have shot a hilarious new time-travelling ad for their disaster movie PIRANHA 3D, in which the actor receives an unlikely Oscar from his co-star for his role in the film.
Pulp Fiction star Rhames accepts the honour, holding his Academy Awards tuxedo in a dry-cleaners wrap and breaks off from his oddball speech to smooch with Shue in the spoof.
He also asks the Oscars audience to give up their jewellery and then urges them to watch Piranha 3D.
When Shue reminds him it's 2011 and the film is no longer in cinemas, Rhames boasts about being able to time travel - and beams his co-star to prehistoric times.
The hilarious skit ends with the warning, "Piranhas 3D, see it tomorrow before Ving Rhames makes you see it yesterday".