LATEST: The caretaker attacked by dogs reportedly belonging to Ving Rhames died from a heart attack, police have claimed. The deceased man, who has yet to be named, was pronounced dead on the scene in front of Rhames' Brentwood, California, home on Friday (03Aug07) morning. The Pulp Fiction star was not at home at the time of the mauling, and is thought to be out of the country shooting a movie. Authorities have taken away four large dogs - three mastiffs and one bulldog - but cops believe the man is likely to have suffered a cardiac arrest as he was running away from the canines, because none of the wounds from the attack appear to have been life threatening. claims the 40-year-old man had been working as a live-in caretaker for Rhames for two years and had been caring and feeding the dogs every day. It is still not known who made the emergency call to police as nobody was on the property when authorities arrived at the scene.