Actor Ving Rhames has spoken of his relief that his dogs were not responsible for the death of a caretaker at his California home earlier this month (Aug07) - even though police are still awaiting an autopsy to officially confirm the cause of death. Jacob Adams, 40, was pronounced dead in front of Rhames' Brentwood home after he was allegedly attacked by the Pulp Fiction star's pets. Police spokesman Lieutenant Fred Corral last week (ends10Aug07) said a further autopsy, which could take from eight to 10 weeks to materialise, is required before officials can determine whether Adams died from a heart attack or from being mauled by dogs. However, Rhames has issued a statement expressing his sympathy for Adams' family, as well as his relief that his dogs were not to blame for his death. The statement reads: "I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible tragedy occurred on my property. "Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee - he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to his family. "I am relieved to know that the coroner's report confirmed that my dogs were not the cause of his death - and that any wounds found on his body were superficial. "I would appreciate the media's privacy for me and my family during this difficult time."