Movie star Ving Rhames has teamed up with former American footballer Jim Brown to promote a new understanding between Los Angeles' street gangs the Bloods and the Crips.

The PULP FICTION star befriended Brown while making prison drama ANIMAL, in which they both star, and now they're spearheading a new incentive to clean up California's mean streets.

Rhames says, "I'm working with the Amer-I-Can Program, which deals with the Crips and the Bloods and other gangs."

And the hulking actor insists his new straight-to-DVD drama, which he also produced, is helping to make kids think twice about a life of crime - even though they're breaking the law to get a copy of the film.

He explains, "God works in mysterious ways because, somehow, Animal is already on the black market.

"I'm getting calls from Cleveland, Orlando and New York. It's already out there, and the thing is the streets are reacting to it.

"So, I know this piece is causing people to think. I don't think you can watch it and not have it affect you in some way."

In the film, which also stars Terrence Howard, Rhames plays a convicted gang leader who changes his ways in prison after befriending Brown's spiritual character.