Former THE SOPRANOS star Vincent Pastore is to reteam with the show's STEVE VAN ZANDT, after agreeing to host a new radio show on the rocker's SIRIUS satellite network.

Pastore - who played mobster BIG PUSSY on The Sopranos - will host a new three-hour daily show on which he'll play the music of Frank Sinatra, DEAN MARTIN and other crooners from yesteryear.

And the tough guy actor is returning to TV as a celebrity repossession man.

Pastore had so much fun taping a series of reality show REPO MEN: STEALING FOR A LIVING, in which he followed New York's toughest repossession officials, that he wants to go it alone.

In a new series of the show, Pastore will do his own repossessions, and he admits the show poses a lot of challenges for him.

He says, "You're supposed to show up and take a car when the person isn't home. It doesn't always work out that way."

08/03/2004 10:06