The ex-manager of troubled THE SOPRANOS star Vincent Pastore has been slapped with a $3 million (GBP1.8 million) defamation suit by the actor's battered former fiancee. Bob Mcgowan, who no longer represents Pastore, denied his client had physically and emotionally abused Lisa Regina when she took him to court last year (05) - even though the actor subsequently pleaded guilty. MCGowan told a US newspaper before the trial, "(Pastore) never touched (Regina). She's extorting him and that will all be coming out soon." The statement allegedly had devastating consequences for Regina's acting and coaching career - she was axed by her agent and largely shunned by the industry. Her lawyer tells gossip site, "Lisa was blackballed and MCGowan and Pastore have everything to do with it." MCGowan refuses to comment on the suit, which was filed on Tuesday (21MAR06) in Manhattan Supreme Court.