LATEST: Former THE SOPRANOS star Vincent Pastore has finally had the opportunity to plead guilty to attempting to assault his ex-girlfriend Lisa Regina in April (05).

The actor's case was delayed after a disagreement over what type of anger management course was suitable for the volatile actor. But yesterday's (21NOV05) proceedings saw Pastore ordered to perform 70 hours of community service, attend six months of therapy and pay a $190 (GBP106) fine as part of his conditional discharge.

The 59-year-old made a plea bargain with police after the incident, in which Regina was punched in the back of her head.

When asked by the judge yesterday (21NOV05) whether he intended to hit his ex, Pastore admitted, "Yes, I did."

The actor played gangster SALVATORE BONPENSIERO, or BIG PUSSY, on the hit TV show.