Rockers WIDE RIGHT dislike cult movie actor and BUFFALO 66 director VINCENT GALLO so much, they have channeled their feelings into a song.

The band - who hail from Buffalo, New York State - have dedicated their new single to the controversial movie maker.

The lyrics to Vincent Gallo are, "Vincent Gallo was his name / Stuck his face in every single frame / The impact of your film was tarnished / Too many images of you / You captured the depression / Of a loser town on a winter morn / The ensemble cast still couldn't save us / From endless close-ups of your pores."

Lead singer LEAH ARCHIBALD explains, "I'm from Buffalo. Have you seen Buffalo 66? It would have been so much better without the sheer omnipresence of Gallo's face and the constant references to the size of his 'manhood'."

The criticism comes hot on the heels of Gallo's disastrous turn at this year's (03) Cannes Film Festival, when his latest effort Brown Bunny was derided by critics.

10/07/2003 20:56