LATEST: Cult film-maker Vincent Gallo has defended Johnny Ramone's widow LINDA CUMMINGS over claims she altered her husband's will.

The outspoken actor and director says the RAMONES star - real name JOHN CUMMINGS - never intended to leave his mother STELLA CUMMINGS any money in his will and refutes her claim his spouse influenced his decision. Ramone, 55, died of prostate cancer in September (04).

Close friend Gallo tells website PAGESIX.COM, "He'd been talking about and plotting his will for a long time.

"His logic was that his mother had a quarter-million in the bank, she's 79 years old, and giving her any money would only be given to the government when she passed away."

Ramone's relationship with his mother was tumultuous, and Gallo adds, "It was Johnny Ramone who in a very clear state of mind said he didn't want his mother visiting him and he didn't want her at his bedside.

"I think it's outrageous that his mother is now making claims that Linda mistreated her."

28/12/2004 12:57