Much-maligned movie star Vincent Gallo has taken to firing offensive insults at newspaper gossips because he's sick of them inventing stories about him.

The BUFFALO 66 star is particularly upset with New York gossip columnist PAULA FROELICH for creating the myth that he's awkward.

He says, "There's a restaurant in New York called Schiller's, owned by a former friend of mine. I used to go to this restaurant in the night time because it's the closest restaurant to my house that would serve past midnight.

"There's a gossip columnist, a horrible person named Paula Froelich, who works for the NEW YORK POST PAGE SIX column. She's a nasty, nasty little gal and for some reason I think she liked me at one point, or something, and when things didn't work out in her way she's taken it upon herself to trash me in the press.

"She wrote several things that always insult me. She said that I walked into Schiller's with a posse, which is a fantasy, and screamed to the maitre d', 'Don't you know who the f**k I am?' I've never eaten dinner with more than one or two people other than for extreme business things in my life. I eat dinner alone.

"Journalists should be held accountable. Why should Paula be able to say, 'The scuzzy Vincent Gallo.' OK, Paula Froelich, you're scuzzy! The scuzzy, filthy, stinky Paula Froelich."

18/08/2004 08:52