Controversial actor Vincent Gallo has launched a bitter assault on stars who chose to arrive at last month's (29FEB04) OSCARS in environmentally-friendly cars - claiming their worldly concerns are fake.

The BUFFALO '66 star is angry stars like Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Sting and Robin Williams turned up to the glitzy event in eco-friendly TOYOTA PRIUS cars, because they all use polluting modes of transport without guilt outside the public spotlight.

He tells New York website PAGE SIX, "I went to The Oscars this year and there were groups of actors showing up in these hybrid vehicles.

"Not one of these clowns has been on a private plane less than 25 times. It's one of the great radical cliches of good will that they have in Hollywood. They want to feel good about something."

12/03/2004 17:14