Eccentric actor/director Vincent Gallo is planning his next bizarre movie - about a funeral director who tries to reincarnate the dead. Gallo has shocked Hollywood in the past with controversial movies Buffalo '66 and Brown Bunny, in which ex-girlfriend Chloe Sevigny performed oral sex on him for one controversial scene. And now he's hoping to bring the dead back to life in new film The Funeral Director. Movie website describes the new film as, "A story about a broken-hearted man, Kevin Stiff, who ditches a lucrative advertising job and signs on as an apprentice in a funeral home, where he finds himself not only working for a sexually-starved pre-menopausal funeral director, but also rooming with he free-spirited nymphomaniac niece. "He attempts to artistically reincarnate the dead people by dressing them up in elaborate costumes."