A company that is distributing movies and live events to digitally equipped theaters via satellite announced Monday that it is setting up a question-and-answer session between the cast of a new movie and the audience watching it. Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp said the Q&A will take place on June 19 in conjunction with the 17-city opening of The Narrows , which stars Vincent D'Onofrio of NBC's Law And Order . "We are upgrading a passive viewing experience to be more dynamic, immersive and even interactive, and the possibility for continued innovation is endless," commented Bud Mayo, CEO of Cinedigm, in a statement. "We are truly excited to be able to present an event like this for the first time ever." In an interview with Reuters, D'Onofrio remarked, "Anything to get small films out there in a lot of cinemas [is great], because before this, it was art houses."