Vince Vaughn believes his Owen Wilson comedy The Internship would have been a much bigger hit if movie executives hadn't insisted on turning it into a family friendly Pg-13 movie.

The actor had hoped the film would be another adult romp, like the pair's hit The Wedding Crashers, but studio bosses had other ideas.

The Swingers star tells Playboy magazine, “The Internship was supposed to be an R-rated comedy. Right before we started shooting, the studio said they wanted to go Pg-13. I said I just didn't see that.

“I said we'd do it both ways and then make the call, but the ship had sailed, and I found myself in a movie that was Pg-13, which was not my initial intent.”

He adds, “It's sort of a relief to people when your characters say things people are thinking but don't have the nerve to say. When you pull away from that sort of content, it can really mess up a film.”