Hollywood star Vince Vaughn crossed a centuries old divide when he interviewed opposing politicians in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as he filmed a documentary about the city's murals. THE BREAK-UP actor met republican Sinn Fein president GERRY ADAMS in west Belfast before meeting with loyalist leading DAVID ERVINE in the east of the Northern Irish capital last week (ends22OCT06). Belfast is a city split between Catholic republicans who want Northern Ireland to be unified with the Republic Of Ireland, and Protestants who are determined to remain part of the Britain Isles. Both sides painted giant murals to convey political messages and to honour their heroes during the violent struggles which lasted for three decades until a ceasefire was agreed in 1997. But new murals focus on bringing the divided city closer together. Ervine says, "He (Vaughn) was taking a break from shooting a film in London with Kevin Spacey to do this documentary and came over for this weekend. There's no question he's genuinely interested in the subject. "He was telling me his interest was sparked on a previous visit when he took a black taxi tour from the Europa Hotel. He knew nothing about the murals before that trip. "We did a spot of filming in Dee Street around a mural depicting people coming to the shipyards. I was explaining to him that years ago we would not have a mural like this because it would all have been about politics and our divisions. "I told him that, for me, the mural was the epitome of the change process that is going on in Northern Ireland. The murals are changing."