The sky is the limit for Vince Neil - the rocker is set to become the latest star to pilot a plane.
The Motley Crue singer has enrolled in an accelerated two-week training programme at the Henderson Executive Airport in his native Las Vegas, and if all goes according to plan, the Dr. Feelgood hitmaker will receive his pilot's certificate on 11 July (12).
The musician, who poured over instructional manuals during breaks on his recent European tour, is excited about finally achieving his mile-high dream.
He tells, "This is my new adventure. The first day of flight training was learning how to taxi. My second day was my first runway takeoff. An unreal feeling."
Followers will be able to check out the action this autumn (12) when producers of U.S. documentary TV series The Aviators air footage of Neil's efforts to become a pilot.
The rocker has always been a fan of planes - he owns private jet charter company Vince Neil Aviation.