MOTLEY CRUE singer Vince Neil has been accused of assaulting an employee of a Dallas, Texas, nightclub after a disagreement over sound levels during a concert.

An arrest warrant for misdemeanour assault was issued yesterday (15DEC04) for the rocker in the fight at Gilley's Dallas during a 30 October (04) show.

Gilley's soundman MICHAEL TALBERT was knocked unconscious by a punch allegedly thrown by Neil that pushed him to the floor. A scan showed a mild concussion, says Talbert.

According to a police report attached to the warrant, Neil motioned for more guitar volume but bolted across the stage as Talbert adjusted it. The affidavit says Neil jumped onto the soundboard, kicked at Talbert, then punched him in the face.

The soundman was knocked unconscious for about 45 seconds, according to the warrant.

Dallas police and prosecutors say that if Neil doesn't contact them about the warrant, they probably will wait to act on it when he returns to the area.

Police had given the 43-year-old singer a criminal-trespass warning before he left the club and headed to Houston for a Hallowe'en show.

16/12/2004 21:21