Sports mogul Vince Mcmahon is set to make rapper Method Man's wrestling dreams come true - by debuting him as a fighter in an upcoming TV spectacular.

The hip-hop star-turned-actor is currently featured in a new ultra-violent wrestling video game, DEF JAM VENDETTA, and now he wants a taste of the real thing.

He says, "If the WWE have got some opening positions I'd be there in a heartbeat. I'd be better than The Rock. You've got to respect what those guys do - putting their bodies on the line every night just for entertainment purposes."

After Method Man laid down the gauntlet to wrestlers on Friday night's (02MAY03) American TV show LATE LATE SHOW, host CRAIG KILBORN called McMahon personally to set up a fight.

McMahon said, "Meth wants to be a wrestler? I know he's a good sized guy and always in shape but I don't know.

"He has some promise. Why not? Let's put him in the ring."

A thrilled Method Man already has a fighting chant worked out: "Brother, when you get to the arena, I'm gonna wrap these three inch pythons around that stack of dimes you call a neck."

05/05/2003 01:58