Country star Vince Gill has spoken out to clear up rumours a rift was the reason for his recent split from his record label, insisting his contract just "ran out".
The singer, who signed to MCA Records in 1989, has released a total of 10 albums over the course of their 23-year partnership but in February (12), he announced their business deal had come to an end.
But the Threaten Me With Heaven hitmaker insists there is no truth to speculation the parting was born out of ill will, and even admits he will probably return to the label for help in promoting his next album.
He tells the Associated Press, "My contract ran out. I'd been there for 23 years, and I very well may run right back there and take my next record to them. There was no disappointment... It got put out there that I'd 'left the label,' and it just was not true."
And Gill, who turned 55 last month (Apr12), insists he's got no plans to retire - because he wants to keep rocking for as long as he can.
He adds, "I'm inspired by the freedom to do as much as I want. I've watched Willie Nelson probably record more music in the last 10 or 20 years than he did in the first 30. That's my goal, is to make 10 times the music that I've made to this point. I'm beyond still inspired to be creative, and I see time running out in a sense. At some point it will be hard to draw breath and sing a high note like I can now. I want to continue to do what I've done, but in much larger doses."