Country star Vince Gill invited his 10-year-old daughter to sing on his new song after the little girl connected with the tune's tragic lyrics.
Gill admits he often tests out his new tracks on wife Amy Grant and their daughter Corinna and, after striking a chord with the young music lover while playing murder-suicide tune What Made You Go Crazy, Billy Paul?, he gave her the chance record with him.
He explains, "She loves music and she just all the time (is) asking me to play something on the CD player. And I had written this song, it's a dark song, it's a story about a friend of mine that unfortunately took a woman's life and then his own a few days later.
"And I was playing it in the car and Corinna heard it, and she says, 'Dad I love that song, play it again.' And she was really drawn to it and she asked me if the story was true, and I said, 'I'm afraid so.' And so I said, 'This could be a really eerie, cool thing to have a little kid's voice on such a dark song.' It was really magical."