Hollywood action hero Vin Diesel is so nervous about presenting at tonight's (06NOV03) MTV EUROPE AWARDS, he's carried his mother along for support.

The musclebound XXX star, who's fearlessly done battle in a range of action movies, admits presenting in front of a worldwide audience is a task he finds all too daunting.

He says, "I guess there is a certain amount of anxiety that goes with doing an awards show. I am out of my element and that makes it exciting.

"I always get a little bit nervous presenting. I started acting when I was seven-years-old but I was always in character onstage. Actors tend to be more anxious about the idea of getting on stage, about not having a character to hide behind.

"The more fame you get, the more shy you become. I used to be this super extrovert in New York and slowly I have become a little more shy.

"My mother had been wanting to come to Scotland all her life and so this was a way of taking advantage of that. You can have all the fun in the world but the time you spend with your mother is invaluable."

06/11/2003 21:02