Vin Diesel has filmed a love story about his adopted Dominican Republic for the Dvd release of his new blockbuster hit Fast Five.
The actor's 20-minute The Fast & The Furious prequel was shot in the Dominican Republic and features many of the friends he has made there since his first trip in 1995.
The film, called Los Bandoleros, features Latino reggaeton heroes Don Omar and Tego Calderone, who appear in Fast Five.
Diesel is also hoping to give the bouncer friend who introduced him to the delights of the Dominican Republic a big career boost in a new series of Internet dramas, titled The Ropes.
Valentino Morales, who appears in most of his friend's films, will star in the webisodes, which recount the pair's days as nightclub security men in New York.
Diesel has written and will direct each segment.