XXX star Vin Diesel's legal battle over his pet dog's temper has heated up after a former workman has come forward claiming he was also bitten by the pooch.

Screenwriter MICHAEL KERNER is suing Diesel after his dog attacked him in April 2002, biting his penis and causing him "sexual dysfunction and mental anguish".

And now part-time actor DAN KELPINE has come forward to talk about his nasty encounter - and he's keen to testify against the actor.

In a sworn statement, Diesel's former employee claims he was attacked at the actor's Beverly Hills, Los Angeles home.

Kelpine says, "His dog bit me on my right elbow shredding the shirt I had on and puncturing my right arm in three different places."

He was paid $20 (GBP11.10) to buy a new shirt, but now he just wants justice for Kerner, who says he's grateful Kelpine came forward.

Kerner says, "I'm outraged that someone else was bitten by this animal because I've always been told that no one was bitten before me or after me."

Diesel's legal team claims their client has paid Kerner's medical bills and, as far as they're concerned, the screenwriter is fully recovered. Kerner denies this.

11/02/2004 09:23