Hollywood hardman Vin Diesel has been accused of trying to throw a female student out of a Dominican Republic nightclub, after she refused to return to his hotel with him.

Local newspaper El Nacional and Dominican Today allege THE PACIFIER star had been socialising with 23-year-old architecture student MARIANNY PIMENTEL ORDE at the trendy Praia nightspot in the Caribbean island's capital Santo Domingo.

The papers claim Diesel asked Orde to come back to his hotel and she refused, sparking an argument between the pair.

It was reported Diesel shouted, "You think this is a game? I could be with thousands of girls if I wanted to, but I want to be with you."

Orde tells El Nacional the furious actor called the club's security and had her removed from the premises.

She says, "They kicked me out of Praia because I didn't want to go anywhere with him."