Vin Diesel jumped at the chance to work with movie great Sidney Lumet on new movie FIND ME GUILTY because the acclaimed director unwittingly gave the actor his big break.

The XXX star gained weight to play chubby gangster JACK DiNORSCIO in Lumet's courtroom drama and he didn't complain once because it was a dream to work with the 12 ANGRY MEN director.

Diesel says, "When I went off to direct my short film (MULTIFACIAL) I read a book called MAKING MOVIES by Sidney Lumet and that was the book that I used to build the confidence to direct.

"Ten years later I come back and complete the masters programme with Sidney Lumet. It's amazing."

Diesel will be joining his peers on Sunday (27FEB05) in congratulating the director when he picks up a Lifetime Achievement Honorary Award at The Oscars.

24/02/2005 21:37