Vin Diesel credits his lucky elephant bracelet with setting his upcoming film about epic hero HANNIBAL into motion.

The XXX star has been religiously wearing the bracelet ever since he started touting the idea for the movie around Hollywood two years ago (02).

And now he has the very best people helping him bring the project to fruition.

He says, "This bracelet has these small silver elephants on it and I will wear it until my dream of Hannibal is manifested.

"I'm very lucky to have a man that did the storyboards for Gladiator on the project and I'm very lucky to have a script penned by David Franzoni, who wrote screenplay for Gladiator.

"I've been lucky with this film ever since I started wearing this bracelet."

And Diesel reveals he's making sure he looks like he knows what he's doing when he's riding elephants in the film: "I've already been riding elephants. It's an incredible experience."

The heroic Hannibal was an ancient general who famously crossed European mountain range the Alps with a herd of elephants.

16/11/2004 02:12