Former Village People star Victor Willis is the latest name to be added to the long list of American Idol wannabe judges - and he reveals producers are taking his interest seriously.
Willis, the original lead singer of the disco group, claims he has spoken with "a representative of American Idol" about the show and insists, regardless of the outcome, he’s the best choice to replace Simon Cowell or Ellen DeGeneres - because he staged the "original American Idol" to put together his band in the mid-1970s.
A spokesman for Willis tells WENN, "In 1977, Victor recorded the initial Village People album with the use of professional background singers before there was actually a group. The album suddenly started climbing the charts, so Willis and his producer Jacques Morali had to quickly hold auditions to assemble the group of now famous characters.
"Hundreds of people showed up for the auditions, at which Willis and Morali acted as judges."
Willis adds, "It's amazing how similar the current American Idol show is to what actually took place during the original Village People auditions. Many of the singers and dancers were absolutely horrendous while others were very good.
"Jacques and I sat at a table and listened to each of them pitch their talent. And, just like Simon Cowell, Jacques had very little patience for bad talent. I was more laid back in my judging though. I eventually gave the thumbs up to at least four, out of hundreds.
"When I spoke to the Idol representative recently, I reminded him that I was a judge for the selection of talent for the most iconic group of characters of all time. Apparently they’re looking for someone who the public would least suspect. I don’t expect it to be me, but I'd be interested."
Chris Isaak, Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson are among the current favourites to replace Idol judges Cowell and DeGeneres on the hit TV talent show.