Former Village People star Victor Willis has settled his copyright dispute with the bosses of greeting cards firm Hallmark for an undisclosed fee.
The singer sued the company over imitation sound cards featuring songs he wrote, Y.M.C.A. and MACho Man, and performed by a sound-alike.
Hallmark officials initially denied any wrongdoing after he sued for unauthorised use of his voice and image.
Willis' publicist Linda Smith tells WENN, "The terms of the settlement are confidential. Victor is a very private person and therefore happy to see the lawsuit resolved satisfactorily."
Last year (09), Willis settled a lawsuit against the organisers of a college football half-time concert, which featured an offshoot of the Village People. He insisted a group using the band's name had no right to include his image while performing under the moniker at the 2009 Brut Sun Bowl, which was broadcast across America.
Willis has not performed with the Village People since 1984.