Former Village People star Victor Willis is demanding an apology from funnyman Tracy Morgan after he joked about his love for gay people and used the Y.M.C.A. hitmaker as his punchline.
Morgan recently apologised for homophobic remarks he made during a stand-up show in Tennessee at the beginning of June (11) and when he returned to the stage in New York he opted to further make amends with a skit about how fond of gay people he is.
But Willis wasn't laughing when he heard Morgan had alluded to him in his comedy.
The comedian joked, "My father was the lead singer of the Village People... I would sing Y.M.C.A. the loudest. I was sitting right there when he wrote the song."
Morgan picked the wrong guy to include in the skit - Willis, the writer and singer of the gay anthem, was the only straight member of the Village People, and the hitmaker now wants him to apologise for his remarks.
Willis' spokeswoman Linda Smyth tells WENN, "Tracy Morgan owes him an apology for implying he's Morgan's gay father. Victor is fond of Tracy Morgan as a comic, but he can't seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth.
"Victor does not find what Morgan said in the context of what was obviously intended to be a gay-friendly joke to be funny at all, considering Victor's not gay."