Kirsten Dunst was scared of working with Viggo Mortensen.

The 'Spider-Man' actress will star alongside the 'Lord of the Rings' actor in the upcoming thriller 'The Two Faces of January' and she's admitted, although his casting convinced her to accept the part, she was nervous about working with him.

She said: ''He's one of those actors ... The first time I met him he was very reserved. It was in an elevator. I was like, 'Hi'. He was like, Oh hi.'

''I learned later he was very shy. So I was nervous, even a little scared, to work with him. I thought, 'This is going to be intense.''

The 31-year-old star also revealed that although many people see Mortensen as a very serious man, he's actually very funny and she thinks he should consider more comedic roles.

She added to Haper's Bazaar magazine: ''Then I got the whole other side, which I don't think many people know. He should do comedy, I've told him that.

''I laughed so much with Viggo ... I'm sure he wouldn't be happy with people knowing how fun he is.''