Hair product king Vidal Sassoon is suing the cosmetics giants who took over his brand of shampoos and conditioners for fraud.

The 75-year-old claims PROCTOR + GAMBLE (P+G) bosses have deliberately sabotaged his product line in favour of other brands they own - by dropping prices and putting his fare in pharmacy "bargain bins".

He says, "All the people I taught, all the people who were with me, we're all in a dollar bin now. What they did to me is an insult to the craft.

"But I refuse to be buried. There is a lot of money involved here and they owe it to me, big time."

P+G spokeswoman KIM VOLLBRECHT insists Sassoon is wasting his time with his multi-million dollar suit.

She says, "Despite a very strong investment, the consumer response was not what we had expected."

19/05/2003 09:14