LATEST: Former DALLAS star Victoria Principal's estranged husband has attacked the actress for making him look like a monster after filing for divorce. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon HARRY GLASSMAN has gone public with his feelings about the end of his 21-year marriage after learning that Principal has reportedly hired 24-hour security to keep him away from her. He say his wife is hoping for sympathy by making him out to be violent, claiming she is simply trying to remind people of a 2002 incident when Glassman was arrested and briefly jailed after a domestic dispute at their Los Angeles home. In a statement, Glassman says, "I am saddened that Victoria is using the incident of my arrest in 2002 in an effort to gain leverage in our divorce proceedings. I have never physically abused my wife. "My arrest was a consequence of her abuse of alcohol that resulted in her detention in the Cedars Sinai ER for psychiatric evaluation. "My being taken into custody was police error, no charges were ever filed, and the arrest has been expunged from my record. "Her current round-the-clock protection is a dramatic attempt to portray me in a negative light and is not based in reality. Victoria is not, nor has she ever been, in any danger because of me." The 60-year-old actress filed divorce papers on Tuesday (23MAY06), citing "irreconcilable differences".