The former Victorious star and Reeve attended the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride together over the weekend.

The young stars have yet to comment on the status of their relationship, but last week (ends21Oct16) the 23-year-old showed support for Reeve on Instagram by posting a message about his new album Youth is Wasted.

"My ridiculously talented #RockyHorror cast mate @reevecarney just dropped his album... and it's AMAZING," she wrote. "If your ears are in need of some great music, get it on iTunes now! #YouthIsWasted #ReeveCarney."

Victoria previously dated actor Pierson Fode from 2013 to 2015. The former couple met while filming the drama Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, and she was spotted at The Bold and the Beautiful actor's 25th birthday party in Los Angeles in November (15).

In 2014, Justice discussed the difficulties of keeping up a long-distance relationship with Fode, saying, "It's important to find ways to stay connected - even just playing Words With Friends and Skyping when you can. When you're young, not every relationship is going to work out. You're going to go through breakups, and you're probably going to have your heart broken... All relationships are a learning curve."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show revamp aired in America on Thursday (20Oct16) in the U.S. and Justice recently opened up about the experience of taking on Susan Sarandon's iconic character Janet Weiss.

"I was super excited," she told People. "It's such an iconic moment, you know, Janet Weiss singing Touch Me. I love the song, and it's just the first moment that Janet is having this sexual experience. It was really fun to play as an actress."