Singing waitress Victoria Hart has been summoned to perform for her movie idol George Clooney - again. The British 18-year-old was plucked from obscurity to sing for the Ocean's Thirteen cast at a star-studded ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year (07), and now Clooney wants to hear her again - in New York. The movie hunk, who called Hart "simply lovely" after she sang for him in Cannes, is jetting her to the Big Apple for a repeat performance next month (Nov07). But the trip will be bittersweet for the teenager because she'd like to date the movie hunk - and then she could sing for him every day. Clooney, however, has found love with another waitress - Sarah Larson. Hart, who was earning just $12 (GBP6)-an-hour when Clooney spotted her in a London diner, says, "When I heard he was dating someone new, I was like, 'I'm a waitress. Why not me?' But I guess it wasn't meant to be. "I'm very lucky though. I'm flying out for two days in November, staying in New York, singing for George again. I don't get star-struck anymore, but I do know that what I'm doing is very special and very exciting." And Hart, who performs standards from Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald's songbooks, is still hoping to find love in New York: "I haven't got a boyfriend - but I'm looking. I'm single and ready to mingle!" While her love life is standing still, Hart's music career is really taking off - her new album, Whatever Happened To Romance?, is a hit on the world's jazz charts and she's currently being courted by music executives at EMI and Universal, who are hoping to sign her to a major deal.