Dennis Hopper's estranged wife is refusing to leave his estate.

Victoria Duffy was ordered to leave his compound in Venice, California under the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement she signed when they married in 1996 - which stated she would have to move out 60 days after divorce proceedings began - but insists her current dwelling, in a guest house in the grounds of the property, is so far away from the main house, it shouldn't matter.

Dennis - who is suffering from prostate cancer - obtained a restraining order against Victoria shortly after he filed for divorce in January, stating she must stay at least 15 yards away from him.

He has been accused by his estranged wife of engineering the split to prevent her from receiving anything in his will.

In court documents filed at Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday (09.03.10), she said: "I believe in contemplation of death that Dennis Hopper may be intending to remove me as a beneficiary of any kind."

The 'Easy Rider' star's lawyer has blasted Victoria for "effectively looting" the star's home of "more junk than can be imagined" after it emerged she had entered his property twice to take items she claimed belonged to her, including a laundry basket, some children's toys, a wastebasket, a cotton ball holder, an alarm clock, some towels, a magazine rack, toothbrushes and a coffee cup.

The 73-year-old actor's doctor recently said he feels the star's health would improve if Victoria - with who he has a six-year-old daughter, Galen, with - was kept away from him.

Dr. David Argus said: "The presence of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper's present cancer care.

"It is my belief and recommendation that the less Mr. Hopper has to do with his estranged wife at this time, the more likely he is to have his life extended."

Victoria has claimed Dennis is acting according to the wishes of his older children from a previous marriage who want her cut out of his will.

However Dennis and his doctor insist he is of sound mind.

Victoria, 42, will not have to move until another hearing takes place next month.