Victoria Beckham gets inspired by Marc Jacobs every time she sees him.

The singer-turned-fashion designer - whose collections have won rave reviews - is a huge fan of Marc's work and loves meeting up with him and hearing his latest ideas and seeing his newest collections.

Writing for Time magazine, which named the designer as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Victoria said: "He inspires and educates me every time we meet. He changes how we see fashion with each collection he shows, be it his work for Louis Vuitton or his own baby, the Marc Jacobs line, which he started in 1986."

Victoria recently revealed she was too embarrassed to tell Marc about her first fashion collection because he's so talented at what he does.

She said: "When I came out with my first collection, I didn't even tell Marc. Well, I felt a little bit embarrassed. He's Marc Jacobs. What else can I say? I never really told him, and then we went to dinner and he said congratulations on all the reviews and the quality of my work. I've learned so much from him. I am such a sponge whenever I'm around him. He is one of the most intelligent, interesting people that I have ever met."