Victoria Beckham is set to launch her own line of handbags.

The singer-turned-fashion designer - who has become a respected member of the fashion world following the success of her exclusive clothing range - will reportedly team up with accessories designer Katie Hillier to create the collection.

According to, the range - which is still in the early stages of conception - will hit stores later this year, and will combine Katie's technical expertise and flare with Victoria's design vision.

It was recently claimed Victoria was to release her own shoe and handbag range because she was fed up of boosting other designers' sales when she wears their designs.

A source said: "Victoria is tired of promoting other brands. If she wears Christian Louboutin or Hermes people go and buy it.

"She thought, 'Why can't I do this with my own line?' "

Since she first launched her label, Victoria's collection has grown in popularity and is regularly seen on global stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Elle Macpherson.

As well as a handbag range, it was recently reported David Beckham is planning to design for his wife's clothing line.

The mother-of-three is said to have convinced her soccer star spouse to create a collection of men's suits and evening wear and he is now working on an autumn/winter 2011 series of garment after giving in to months of requests from the singer-turned-fashion designer.

A source said: "Victoria has been trying to persuade him to do it for a while and he's finally succumbed.

"She's reassured him that he has an eye for fashion."