Former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham is feeling no pressure for her comeback single to perform well, because everyone expects it to "fail" anyway.

The singer is unconcerned where double A-side LET YOUR HEAD GO/THIS GROOVE charts when it's released in Britain next week (ends02JAN04), and dismisses talk she is in competition with her soccer superstar husband David Beckham.

She says, "Everyone thinks I'm trying to compete with David, and those things are amusing to me. I want him to do better and better. I want him to be knighted.

"There is no competition between me and him and, actually, it's the first time I feel there's no pressure on me to succeed, because everyone is expecting me to fail.

"At some point, I just thought there's a difference between working hard and trying hard. Am I going to be more famous if I have a number one or a number 101? Am I going to lose my family? No."

24/12/2003 09:48