Victoria Beckham has been banned from spraying her new perfume when she goes on a US talk show to promote it.

The former Spice Girl has been invited by Whoopi Goldberg to appear on 'The View' to talk about her latest fragrance Signature Story, but the host had forgotten she was allergic to perfume.

So now Victoria has agreed not to spray the scent within a nine-metre radius of Whoopi, while the audience members - who will get a goody bag containing a bottle of the fragrance - will have to sign an agreement not to open the fragrance in the studio.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Whoopi was desperate to get Victoria on 'The View' as she's got an incredible profile in the US right now. Victoria is launching her perfume so the timing was perfect and she agreed straight away.

"Sadly, Whoopi didn't really think things through - and it was only once her guest was confirmed that she informed producers she was allergic to perfume. If she smells it, her eyes well up and start streaming, and her lips even swell.

"Studio bosses have had to write up contracts for the audience and Victoria making sure they don't spray the scent. It's not the ideal way to promote a perfume, but Victoria saw the funny side."

Meanwhile, Victoria - who is married to soccer star David Beckham - has revealed she will make the couple's three children work and won't allow them to live off their parents' vast fortune.

The 35-year-old star -mother of Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, seven, and four-year-old Cruz - said: "They b***dy well will work... Same as myself, same as David.

"They're not going to be the kind of kids that just hang about. I want them to be able to fulfil their passions, but I think it's important that the children grow up and have respect for themselves."