Victoria Beckham didn't look too happy to be back with the rest of the Spice Girls the other day, did she? The five piece reunited to celebrate the launch of the new musical 'Viva Forever' which, unsurprisingly, is a stage production all about the girls.
However whilst the other four were all smiles and chatter (chatter seemingly descending in order who had been the least successful since going solo) Beckham cut a sullen figure dressed all in black. The reason for that may have been the ever outspoken Geri Halliwell claiming that if the 'Girls were to get their own movie made about them, then Angelina Jolie would surely be the perfect person to play the role of "Posh Spice".
The Standard reported that Beckham looked aghast at the suggestion, uttering "Oh, God." Halliwell didn't seem to be on a roll at all, not that she noticed, so happy was she to be back in the limelight, and she got Mel B all wrong too, suggesting that Jada Pinkett-Smith should play Scary. "Don't be so obvious, that's racist" she admonished. "Why would she have to be mixed race? Zoe Saldana, I want her." As for the others? Mel C claimed Kate Beckinsale would be a good choice to play her - sure - whilst Emma Bunton reckoned Kate Hudson would do her no doubt complex character justice. It's great to have them back.