Victoria Beckham would love to dress Angelina Jolie.

The singer-turned-fashion designer has seen many A-list stars - including Demi Moore, Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Lopez - don some of her creations and says it would be a privilege if the Oscar-winning actress wore one of her dresses to a high-profile event.

Speaking about who she would like to dress, Victoria said: "I would love to see Kate Bosworth and Angelina Jolie in my dresses and, of course, Michelle Obama.

"I also admire Tilda Swinton's style: she is unpredictable and not afraid to be individual. It's my dream to dress her."

While she wants to dress super-slim stars like Angelina and Kate, Victoria recently revealed how her latest clothing collection is for "the curves of a woman's figure".

The 36-year-old beauty - who unveiled her fifth collection during New York Fashion Week in September - revealed the range of dresses was made to help women look and feel their best.

She said: "What's alluring for me this season are the curves of a woman's figure - sensual volume and a defined silhouette that allows for freedom of movement."