Victoria Beckham is "embarrassed" by her husband's recent behaviour.

The former Spice Girls star is planning a series of high-profile interviews in a bid to improve the image of her and soccer star spouse David Beckham after fans of his soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy turned against him.

David has had a series of heated arguments with supporters of the American club after returning from his temporary spell at Italian side AC Milan.

It is believed he wants to leave the US permanently, but his wife - with who he has three sons - is determined to turn attitudes around to persuade him to remain in America.

A source said: "Victoria works hard on the image of 'Brand Beckham'. She has always been eager to promote them as the perfect couple.

"David arguing with fans doesn't really fit in with that image and she was embarrassed."

Victoria was at a recent game with close pal Tom Cruise when David was booed by fans and the singer-turned-fashion designer is said to have been extremely shaken by the hostile atmosphere.

An insider revealed: "I think it was only once the game had finished that the real impact of what had happened seemed to hit Victoria. Tom was a fantastic support and comforted her. It's clear that popularity means a lot to Victoria and I think The Feeling that she and David are not welcome in the eyes of some any more has come as a major blow."

Despite reportedly wanting to move to Europe, David has vowed to stick by Victoria in her attempts to win fans over.

Another source added: "David and Victoria have made their minds up that they will get through this drama together. Victoria is already planning an appearance on David Letterman's talk show this summer. They will fight back."