Victoria Beckham will still be included in the Spice Girls tour merchandise, despite not being part of the reunion.

The singer turned fashion designer decided not to join her former band mates - Mel C, Mel B, Geri Horner, and Emma Bunton - for their upcoming sold out reunion tour which kicks off next month, but she won't be forgotten about during the shows as her face will still appear in the merchandise sold at every venue on the tour.

According to The Sun newspaper, several t-shirts included in the tour range feature classic images of the 'Wannabe' hitmakers from the 1990s - when Victoria was still in the group - to give a nostalgic feel to the garments.

The current line-up will also have up to date merchandise on sale at the shows, which just feature the four of them without Victoria.

The group have less than a month to go before their first date in Ireland's Croke Park on May 24, which will kickstart their sold-out shows around the UK before culminating in three huge concerts at London's Wembley Stadium from June 13 to 15.

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton recently admitted she never expected Victoria to take part in the reunion tour because it was clear when they briefly got back together for the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony that her time in the band was something the fashion designer wanted to ''move on'' from.

She said: ''I think we kind of realised at the Olympics that maybe it was something that [Victoria] didn't want to do all the time anymore and I think we were all nervous at the Olympics but I think it showed with Victoria that maybe this was something she wanted to move on from.''

And Emma doesn't think it's likely that her friend will make a surprise appearance at any of the gigs on the tour.

She said: ''That is not going to happen, I'm afraid.''