Victoria Beckham won't let the rift between David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay come between her and Tana Ramsay.

The fashion designer is determined that just because her husband has pulled out of a joint London restaurant venture with Gordon it won't affect her close friendship with his wife.

A source said: ''Victoria's despairing. She's be gutted if their friendship with Gordon and Tana became strained. They usually meet at least once a week when they're in the same city. But Victoria and Tana have agreed to not talk about it and have decided to let their husbands get on with it. They know the boys will sort it out in the end.''

Neither David, 38, nor Gordon, 46, have spoken publicly about the reasons for not working together anymore, but it has been suggested they had different ideas about the direction of the eatery.

The source added to Closer magazine: ''David had reservations about the project, but walked away after a number of disagreements with Gordon. He didn't want a Mediterranean restaurant like Gordon, his dream was a chain of Pie and Mash cafes.''

Victoria, 39, is also said to have warned her husband about going into business with friends.

The source said: ''Victoria wasn't in love with the idea of David going and Gordon working together, she thinks you should avoid mixing friends and business in case it gets awkward, which it has.''