Victoria Beckham hasn't ''stopped crying'' since her son moved to New York City.

The 43-year-old fashion designer - who has Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and six-year-old Harper with husband David - really ''misses'' her oldest child, who has relocated to the Big Apple to study photography at Parsons School of Design, and though he's been gone for a few weeks now, she still hasn't come to terms with him having flown the nest.

She admitted: ''I'm still crying, Brooklyn's moved to New York, he's 18, and I haven't stopped crying. I miss him so much, so much.''

The former Spice Girls singer credits her kids with keeping her up to date with chart music, and she likes the fact they have a diverse range of tastes.

Speaking to make-up channel Pixiewoo in a YouTube interview, she said: ''My kids really like music, so they keep me up to date with what's the coolest music to listen to, it's quite diverse.

''When we go anywhere, we take it in turns plugging their phones in so we can listen to their music...

''[Harper] only wants to listen to the soundtrack to 'Grease'.

''If it's Brooklyn, he likes Oasis but sometimes he'll find what he considers new music and say, 'Hey have you heard this mum?' 'I'll say of course I've heard it, because it's an old song he's just found. With Cruz, it might be Mumford and Sons, Oasis, Justin Bieber.

''Romeo has the best music taste, he has New Addition, Michael Jackson, a bit of Madonna.''

Brooklyn likes to ask his mother for advice on hairstyles, and she joked she's the right person to come to.

She quipped: ''He asked me the other day, have you heard of this thing called a perm, are you kidding me, do you know big my hair was in the 80s, I feel like I invented the perm!''