Victoria Beckham feels ''torn'' between her career and family.

The fashion designer has four children - Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, Cruz, seven, and 18-month-old Harper - with soccer star husband David and she admits being a working mother is tough because she's always trying to divide her time equally.

She said: ''As a working mum you feel guilty, you feel torn. That's the biggest challenge, it's a tough thing.''

The former Spice Girls star says she's a very hands-on mother and every day gets up early to make the children their breakfast - even though David recently claimed he did.

She said: ''He lied. Let me tell you now, he is not the one. I'm always like, 'Go and shake daddy and get him out of bed, tell him that he has to take you to school.' ''

Because she is so dedicated to her career and being a mother, the 38-year-old star says she has had to sacrifice luxuries like holidays as she isn't able to switch off.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: ''A lot of people don't have holidays. I'm a workaholic, David's a workaholic. We joke and say, 'One day, when the kids are grown up, we'll start with holidays.' ''